Mélanie René On The Dancefloor + A New Name For A New Single

An EXCLUSIVE interview with Mélanie René


Hello Melanie, Thank you so much for agreeing to an exclusive interview with us at escSocial. 

Tell me, what have you been to since we saw you on the Eurovision Stage in 2015?


Well, during the first year following the contest, I took part in various Eurovision events in both Switzerland, and around Europe. But after a while it became important to me to work on a more personal and authentic musical project.


If my memory serves me correctly, we last met up in 2017 and had a good catch up over some milkshakes.


Ah yes, we had a lot fun didn’t we?  You probably remember me telling you that I had met a cool guy called Phil Braithwaite and together we wrote a couple of songs including “Dancefloor”. When I came back to Switzerland I met up with two great producers, Eric Anderson and Stephane Chapelle. They were just brilliant, helping me to define my music style with much more precision, and gave it a more modern and current feel. It’s a “Pop Electro” vibe, in the style of Dua Lipa or Tove Lo.

It then dawned on me that I needed a catchier stage name, to match the new music style. So beginning of this year I launch this new concept under the name Melyz, which is a combination of my name and the name of my sister Charlyse.


How do you think your Eurovision Fans will react to this?


At first I was really concern and worried that people might feel like I’m changing my name because I don’t want to carry the “Eurovision name”. 

Eurovision has brought me so much in my debuting career, and I will forever cherish this incredible experience! It has giving me a lot of opportunities, opened quite a few doors for me, and has given me the chance to meet so many amazing people. Thanks to ESC, I was able to travel whilst doing what I love: singing and performing!

I like to think that Eurovision is like a big family, and so my goal now is to bring everyone who has supported since the very beginning on this new adventure with me :)

Mélanie René to Melyz, does not mean going back to square one in order to start over; it is more of an evolution process, growing and developing as an artist.


So tell me about Dancefloor


Dancefloor was written in a time of my life where big changes were happening.

I guess the song can have different meanings: it can be about relationship games, when we always want what we can’t have, and we don’t often care about what we already have (seducing but never committing) and we end up losing ourselves in these love games.

But it can also represents change in general; how we are often scared of looking deeper in ourselves to find what we are, and what we stand for, because it often makes us feel vulnerable…


So when we can hope to hear this publicly?


The song is scheduled to be released on Friday 23rd March, my debut single under the name MELYZ.

There will be a music video that will be released soon after. I did not want to release it at the same time as the single.

Because I am launching this new concept “Melyz” with a new musical direction, I wanted people to focus on the music first. So thy could listen to it without being influenced by the visuals of the music video.

I am actually very excited to share all this with you guys! 

And I want to thank you guys so much for your continuing support! It means the world to me.


Thank YOU Melanie, for giving us an insight into what is coming up so soon, we are very excited for you, and hope all goes amazingly well. 


Website: https://melyz.com

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