Rona Nishliu Suus
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Draw Position 3, Final Position 5, Points (Final) 146

"Suus" is a song by Rona Nishliu. The lyrics were written by Nishliu, while the music was composed by Florent Boshnjaku.

Although the song is entirely in Albanian, the title is the Latin third person reflexive possessive pronoun suus, and can mean "his," "her," "its" or “their”; its official translation is "Personal" (Albanian: Personale; për veten).

On December 2011, Rona Nishliu participated in the 50th Festivali i Këngës. She got through to the finals, where she finished in first place. She got the maximum twelve points from five judges out of seven. After being crowned as the winner, Rona was chosen to represent Albania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 which was held in Baku, Azerbaijan., where she got second place in the semi-final with 146 points and 5th place in the finals with 146 points as well, making it the highest position for Albania in the contest.

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