Luv Bug You Can Count On Me
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Draw Position 12, Final Position 4, Points (Final) 96

You Can Count On Me was the Irish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1986, performed in English by Luv Bug. It was written by Kevin Sheerin.

The song is an up-tempo number, with the singer recounting a relationship she hopes might begin again. It appears that her lover had made the promise "You can count on me" before ending the relationship, so the singer suggests that by living up to these words, the world might become a happier place.

"You Can Count On Me" was sung by lead singer June Cunningham, with the rest of the group on backing vocals and music. The song became Luv Bug's biggest hit in Ireland, where they'd had a string of hits over the previous two years, by reaching No.2. It was included on their debut album Luv Bug a year later. The group attempted to enter Eurovision again in 1992, but were unsuccessful.

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You Can Count On Me

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