Arnis Mednis Too Much
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"Too Much" was the Latvian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2001, performed in English by Arnis Mednis.

The song is an up-tempo number, which features an accordion as one of its instruments. Mednis describes his feelings of cold feet before his impending marriage, feelings which result in him going out on the town the night beforehand. The setting then shifts to "the day after marriage", when the newly-married couple are walking through town and opt to have a drink. Unfortunately for Mednis, they happen to see "girls from last night" in the bar they choose. Exactly what these girls did with Mednis before his marriage is never made clear, however the chorus features him pleading with his wife to "take me back", implying that it was something serious.

Somewhat amusingly, Mednis' new wife is referred to as "my caring, lovely fiancée" in the second verse, despite the pair being married by this point. For his Eurovision appearance, Mednis wore a black cardigan and trousers, a white shirt, and dark glasses. His backing performers included two women, one in a sleeveless black gown, another in a white blouse and trousers, who provided vocal accompaniment, during the chorus. The woman dressed in black also sang "la la la's" in between each verse and chorus.

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Too Much

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