Compact Disco Sound Of Our Hearts
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Draw Position 2, Final Position 24, Points (Final) 19

Sound of Our Hearts is a song by Hungarian group Compact Disco. The song represented Hungary in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan. It qualified from the first semi-final into the grand final where it finished 24th of 26 entrants.

"Back in our previous years we just made song about love and relation and some easy things, you know. Now, these days we just feel that maybe we just have to make something more serious. ... If you look around what is going on in the world - not just in Hungary - the situation is just going down. And it is not so good, so ... our message is that we should look after each other. We should be more close to each other. We should take care of the relationship because if it is not working than everything is just going in a really bad way." - Eurovision interview with the group.

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Sound Of Our Hearts

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