Inger Berggren Sol Och Vår
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"Sol och vår" is a song by Swedish singer Inger Berggren, that represented Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest 1962, performed in Swedish.

The title literally translates as "Sun and Spring", but the Swedish expression 'Att sol och våra någon', 'sun and spring'-ing somebody, means tricking a person out of money by false promises of love or marriage.

The song was the winner of Melodifestivalen 1962, where it was performed by both Inger Berggren and Lily Berglund. Sveriges Radio however decided that Berggren would perform the song at the Eurovision Song Contest for Sweden.

The song is an up-tempo number in which Berggren recounts the sad tale of how she as a nineteen year old meets a charming man on the very first day of spring, as she is in town window shopping. The very good-looking and persuasive man invites her to have lunch at an expensive restaurant, to which she happily agrees. After a while the man tells her that he has to make an urgent telephone call - and shortly thereafter the head waiter informs her that her "husband" has left the restaurant, and he took "madam's purse and fur coat with him"; she has been "sun and spring"-ed by a con man. The lyrics end with the tragi-comic phrase; "when it's sun and spring all the little girls should be locked up....".

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Sol Och Vår

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