Bernadette Sing Me A Song
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Draw Position 11, Final Position 7, Points (Final) 66

"Sing Me a Song" was the Dutch entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1983, performed in Dutch (with the exception of the English of the title) by Bernadette.

The song is a plea for global unity. Bernadette asks her listeners to "sing me a song" - of any type - in the hope that the entire world will be able to join in. Importantly, however, she also asks her listeners to sing a song "About your country/How it is there and what do you do over there?", suggesting that unity can be achieved just as well through an understanding of other countries as it can by adopting a larger culture. Bernadette also recorded an English language version of the song, with the same title; "Sing Me a Song".

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Sing Me A Song

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