Kraljevi Ulice & 75 Cents Romanca
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Draw Position 9, Final Position 21, Points (Final) 44

"Romanca" (Romance) was the Croatian entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 held in Belgrade, Serbia. The song is performed by the group Kraljevi ulice and 75 Cents with Mia Lisak dancing wearing a red dress and playing percussion with glass bottles towards the end of the song, Mia is barefoot for the performance. The song reached first place in Dora, the Croatian national final, thus entering the song as a Croatian entry.

The song has a slight touch of humour, as the spoken introduction says that there is no difference between this song of romance and all the others. 75 Cents is rapping about how "monkeys" created the internet, however it was old people who invented music and united the world and therefore old people are not so useless as people like to think. In the live performance towards the end, he can be seen doing modern DJ trickery on a (replica) old gramophone.

The song was performed in the Croatian language and verions were recorded in Croatian and Russian. The singing part is sung seriously, however the rapping and intro bear slight humour to them.

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