Mia Martini Rapsodia
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Draw Position 19, Final Position 4, Points (Final) 111

"Rapsodia" (English translation: "Rhapsody") was the Italian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1992, performed in Italian by Mia Martini, one of Italy's most successful and celebrated female artists of all time, making her second appearance in the Contest after 1977's "Libera", which finished 13th in a field of 18 participating countries.

The song is a dramatic and despairing ballad, in which Martini sings about two "old lovers" who happen to meet in a bar. She sings that they have "left their families, betrayed their friends" as part of their quest for "another youth", still "they don't want advice about how to be happy". They ask themselves "who they really are", as they sit there "worn out, ashamed, yet sincere", wondering "why it all had to end", confessing that they can't get "this life" to work out. The entire situation is described as "this immense and hopeless rhapsody", and as the old lovers leave the bar - and each other - they both become "songs of once upon a time".

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