Daniela Simons Pas Pour Moi
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"Pas pour moi" ("Not for me") was the Swiss entrant to the Eurovision Song Contest 1986 in Bergen, Norway. It was sung by Daniela Simmons and performed in French.

In the song, Simmons sings about how she desires "love written in capital letters" from a man, and laments as to why this is not happening for her. She decries one-night stands and men treating women as if they are only "tricks coming from the disco," which caused a minor stir in French-speaking nations as Simmons uses mildly vulgar contemporary slang to describe such acts. The "pas pour moi" referenced in the song is Simmons telling the listener that she feels young people living a hedonistic existence with many sexual partners is "not for her." Throughout most of the song, Simmons plays the underlying melody herself on the piano.

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Pas Pour Moi

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