Sophie & Magaly Papa Pingouin
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"Papa Pingouin" (English translation: "Papa Penguin") was the Luxembourgish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1980, performed in French by the French twin sisters Sophie & Magaly.

With music by prolific duo Ralph Siegel and Bernd Meinunger, who are normally associated with Germany as a composer-lyricist combination, the song is about the fantasy life of the title character - a bored penguin. The singers describe his desire to fly like a seagull and travel around the world, listing various places he visits in his imagination.

The song ends with the penguin's realisation that life "on the ice floe" is not as bad as he had thought, so he "burns his suitcase" to signify that his desire to travel is over. Sophie & Magaly also recorded a German language version of the song, "Papa Pinguin".

When original singers Sophie & Magaly signed with Ralph Siegel, they were still minors and their parents were not aware of some "practices" in the show-business world. A contract was signed between Ralph Siegel and the parents, that gave only a few very small percentage of the sales to the sisters.

In April 1982, the twin-sisters appeared on French prime time TV show Droit de Réponse (TF1), and reported publicly that they got only 5000 euros each, when more than one million singles were sold. They also indicated that Ralph Siegel decided not to work anymore with the two girls, and did not want to renegotiate the deal. He alleged that the original contract was valid and nothing could be done against him.

In 2003, one of the French lyricists, Jean-Paul Cara, confirmed that the German producer never had the intention to make Sophie & Magaly a successful group. He just needed twin singers for this particular song.

Magaly died in 1996 of HIV-AIDS. Sophie suffers from high depressive syndrome and now lives a secluded life in the South of France.

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Papa Pingouin

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