Julie | Ludwig On Again... Off Again
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"On Again... Off Again" was the Maltese entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004, performed in English by Julie & Ludwig.

Composed by Philip Vella and with lyrics by Gerard James Borg, the song is a combination of dance music and opera. Julie begins by describing herself as "a girl of serious intention" and telling Ludwig that "I need some attention" over a dance beat. Ludwig's response, in which he describes her as "everything and nothing in one" (eliciting Julie's question "What do you mean?") is delivered in an operatic tenor style. He goes on to wonder what the pair have in common anymore.

The second verse takes much the same form, with Julie pledging her love for Ludwig, who describes her as "the air, you're the love that I breathe" and "the magic that flows from within".

The duo sings the chorus in unison, describing their love as being "Like the rhythm of rain" and needing to "find an end to this game" of their mutual attraction. They describe the "wonderful times/Many natural highs" which they have experienced.

At the climax of the song, Ludwig sings (in operatic style) a bridge begging Julie to "come across" the "river between us" in the name of love. The chorus is sung again, this time slower and in an operatic style by Ludwig with Julie performing vocal embellishments to the lyric. The duo then join in unison for the final chorus, which returns to the dance beat and varies the opening line to "Off again, on again", implying that they have resolved their differences.

The song was autobiographical, as Julie and Ludwig were a couple in real life, whose relationship had been on and off. For their Eurovision appearance, Ludwig appeared dressed in a white shirt and black trousers, whilst Julie wore a striking pale pink gown.

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On Again... Off Again

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