Vlado Janevski Ne Zori, Zoro
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Draw Position 25, Final Position 19, Points (Final) 16

"Ne zori, zoro" (Macedonian Cyrillic: Не зори, зоро; English translation: "Dawn, do not rise") was Macedonian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1998, performed in Macedonian by Vlado Janevski. This was Macedonia's first Eurovision entry as an independent state (it had previously competed as part of Yugoslavia) and the first occasion on which the Macedonian language had been heard at the Contest. Also, is the latest song that was sung with an orchestra arrangement in the history of the Festival.

The song is a love ballad, with Janevski pleading with his mother (according to an old Macedonian tradition) to go and ask the hand of the girl he loves from her parents.In a subtle poetic way he suggests that if girl's parents approve of the marriage his mother should call upon the musicians to celebrate his love, and if the answer is "no" his old mother should not curse the girl's family but mourn his misery. The suspense is becoming unbearable and, reaching for a bottle of wine, he is begging the dawn not to come since people would notice his teary eyes.

Due to the poor placing, Macedonia was not invited to take part in the 1999 contest. They were, however, readmitted in the following year. Hence, the song was succeeded as Macedonian representative at the 2000 Contest by XXL with "100% te ljubam", co-written by Janevski.

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Ne Zori, Zoro

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