Laila Halme Muistojeni Laulu
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Draw Position 7, Final Position 13=

"Muistojeni laulu" ("The song of my memories") was the Finnish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1963, performed in Finnish by Laila Halme.

The song is sung from the perspective of a woman who hears a song which reminds her of a former lover. She sings that she can't separate the two memories, no matter how hard she tries.

At the close of voting, it had received the dreaded nul points, placing 13th (equal last with the Netherlands' Annie Palmen with "Een speeldoos", Norway's Anita Thallaug with "Solvherv" and Sweden's Monica Zetterlund with "En gång i Stockholm") in a field of 16. This was Finland's first-ever nul points and last place.

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Muistojeni Laulu

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