Eamonn Toal Millennium Of Love
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Draw Position 23, Final Position 6, Points (Final) 92

"Millennium of Love" was the Irish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2000, performed in English by Eamonn Toal.

The song is a dramatic ballad, inspired by the coming of the new Millennium (arguments about the start of this period aside). Eamonn sings about the negative aspects of the modern world, but expresses hope that humanity will overcome these and let our carbon footprints leave a harvest for future generations. It was a song before its time as today everyone is talking about the importance of carbon footprints.

Although it swept the boards at the National Song Contest via a public voting system, the song was unkindly dubbed 'Millennium Of Cheese' by cynics in Ireland, who accused it of being yet another bland ballad with schmaltzy lyrics. However, it still remains Ireland's best placing in the Eurovision since the new system of phone voting took place scoring more votes than the combined total of Ireland's next 5 entries.

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Millennium Of Love

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