Bobbysocks La Det Swinge
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"La det swinge" ("Let it swing") is a song in Norwegian, sung by the pop duo Bobbysocks!. It was the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 1985 - Norway's first victory in the contest.

The song is a tribute to dancing to old rock 'n' roll heard on the radio. Befitting the subject matter, the song itself is written in an old-fashioned style, with a memorable saxophone melody setting the chorus off. The melody arrangement is in retro style, containing elements of contemporary 1980s music and throwbacks to the 1950s.

For their Eurovision appearance, the two members - Hanne Krogh and Elisabeth Andreasson - appeared in sparkling, bright purple jackets, worn over black and white outfits; Krogh sported a striking, black-and-white striped floor-length gown.

This was Elisabeth Andreasson's second appearance in the Eurovision Song Contest; in 1982 she represented Sweden in the duo Chips with Kikki Danielsson singing "Dag efter dag". Danielsson incidentally finished third after Bobbysocks and West Germany's Wind, with "Bra vibrationer" in the 1985 contest, again representing Sweden. Andreasson in turn went on to appear in the contest on two more occasions - she finished sixth in 1994, performing a duet with Jan Werner Danielsen, entitled simply, "Duett" and in 1996, she appeared as a solo artist, finishing second to Ireland's Eimear Quinn. Krogh finished 17th (second from last) in the contest in 1971, with the song "Lykken er", and in 1991 she returned to the Contest as part of the group Just 4 Fun, finishing 17th with "Mrs. Thompson".

Following their win, the single "La det swinge" peaked at #1 in the Norwegian and Belgian singles chart, and entered the charts in Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, United Kingdom to name a few.

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La Det Swinge

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