Tommy Körberg Judy, Min Vän
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Draw Position 9, Final Position 9, Points (Final) 9

"Judy, min vän" ("Judy, my friend") was the Swedish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1969, performed in Swedish by Tommy Körberg, the winner of Melodifestivalen 1969.

Körberg was not the only Swede competing in the 1969 Contest, held in Madrid, Spain; Siw Malmkvist, who first had entered in 1960 with "Alla andra får varann", this year represented Germany with "Primaballerina".

"Judy, min vän" was composed by Englishman Roger Wallis, living in Sweden since the early 60s, originally with English lyrics and entitled "Dear Mrs. Jones". Lyricist Britt Lindeborg subsequently translated and re-wrote the Swedish lyrics specifically for the Swedish pre-selections, and then changed the title to "Judy, min vän". Both versions of the song were released as singles in Sweden.

 By the close of voting, it had received 8 points, placing it in shared 9th place (incidentally with Siw Malmkvist's "Primaballerina") in a field of 16.

After four countries won the Contest in 1969, Sweden - as all the other Scandinavian countries - withdrew from the 1970 contest, in protest of the voting system. Thus, "Judy, min vän" was succeeded as the Swedish representative at the 1971 contest by Family Four with "Vita vidder". Tommy Körberg returned to the Contest in 1988 when he represented Sweden with "Stad i ljus".

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Judy, Min Vän

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