Christina Simon Heute In Jerusalem
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"Heute in Jerusalem" ("Today in Jerusalem") was the Austrian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1979, performed in German by jazz singer Christina Simon.

The song, composer Josef Dermoser, is a ballad with influences from contemporary jazz and blues, whose lyrics, by actor, singer and poet André Heller, is about the hope of "peace in Jerusalem", bringing "sense against the nonsense". The Contest took place on 31 March 1979 in central Jerusalem, at the Binyanei HaUma Convention Center, just five days after the historic signing of the Egyptian–Israeli Peace Treaty, making Heller's lyrics - sung in German - all the more thought-provoking; "Get up, lay down the sleep/In this time of bitter fruits/Friend, be vigilant/To fight against the crying and tears/Look, from the cold high sky/Fall a hundred moons/As a sign for the new beginning./ Today in Jerusalem - finally in Jerusalem/Take breath and reflect..."

Many websites show that Peter Wolf, a conductor had composed this song, however this is incorrect and we proudly show the correct composer. Thank you again Peter Wolf for this information.

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Heute In Jerusalem

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