Wind Für Alle
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Draw Position 10, Final Position 2, Points (Final) 105

"Für alle" (English translation: "For Everyone") was the German entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1985, performed in German by Wind. It had beat Grün Grün Grün (English translation: "Green Green Green" by the singer Caro Pukke which had finished 4th. Caro had performed his entry in the first semi-final of the national contest along with Danny Fischer, Wind and Bernd Cluver. Notable names in the second semi-final were Jurgen Renfordt, Christian Franke, Peter Wyoming Bender and Susan Schubert. Peter Wyoming Bender had already taken part in the 1984 national selection

The song is in the schlager style and is a tribute to all those who never give up hope, despite the pressures put on them by the world around them. Wind also recorded the song in English (as "For Everyone"), French ("Pour tout le monde") and - very unusually - in Swedish ("Så många människor", translated: "So Many People").

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Für Alle

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