Carola Fångad Av En Stormvind
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Draw Position 8, Final Position 1, Points (Final) 146

"Fångad av en stormvind" (literally translated as "Captured by a storm wind") is a 1991 single by Swedish pop singer Carola which was the winning Swedish entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 1991 in Rome.

The song won with the smallest margin of victory in Eurovision history, winning on the second stage of the tie-breaking procedure by virtue of receiving more ten point votes than the French entry, Le Dernier qui a parlé... by Amina; the two songs had tied on 146 points, and in the first tie-breaker stage both had received twelve points from four countries. This was the first and, to date, only time the tie-breaker has been required, since it was introduced after the four-way tie in 1969.

In the singles charts, it peaked at #3 in Sweden and #6 in Norway. On 28 April 1991, the song reached first place in the Swedish hitlist Svensktoppen.

The song was performed in Swedish and likens the singer's love for her paramour to the effects of a stormwind. The English language version of the song was called "Captured by a Lovestorm".

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Fångad Av En Stormvind

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