Elnur Huseynov | Samir Day After Day
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Draw Position 20, Final Position 8, Points (Final) 132

"Day After Day" is a song by Elnur Hüseynov and Samir Javadzadeh which was Azerbaijan's entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 2008. The song was released on February 2, 2008, and marked Azerbaijan's debut in this contest.

"Day After Day" incorporates elements of opera singing combined with Azeri folk genre of mugham. It symbolises the eternal dialogue between the Good and the Evil. Elnur and Samir perform the song dressed as devil and angel. When asked about the symbolism behind that, Elnur and Samir said:

“The global main topic at this very moment is war. Everything evil comes from the devil - who is, in fact, just a fallen angel who was expelled from paradise. He symbolizes everything evil which happens on earth. However, he can turn into an angel again, which means winning over all evil. We just hope that this will happen some time soon in our world.”

The duo performed the song at the first semi-final on May 20 and was chosen as one of the ten finalists for the competition. The final took place on May 24, with the song finishing in 8th place out of 25.

The song was succeeded as Azerbaijani representative at the 2009 contest by AySel with "Always".

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Day After Day

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