Chips Dag Efter Dag
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"Dag efter dag" ("Day after day") is a song in Swedish, with melody by Lasse Holm and text by Monica Forsberg. The pop and country group Chips won the Swedish Melodifestivalen 1982 with the song, which was sung by Kikki Danielsson and Elisabeth Andreasson. Chips finished eighth in the Eurovision Song Contest 1982 with the song. On April 18, 1982, the song reached the first place at Svensktoppen; where it stayed for nine rounds. *On June 13, 1982, the song was the last song to be number one at Svensktoppen, before the program was removed the first time. Chips also recorded the song with lyrics in English, Day after Day.

In 1982, "Dag efter dag" was also released as a single. The single as best reached the 4th place at the Swedish singles chart and 5th place at the Norwegian singles chart.

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Dag Efter Dag

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