Georgina Giordimaina | Paul Giordimaina Could It Be
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Draw Position 3, Final Position 6, Points (Final) 106

"Could it be" was the Maltese entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1991, performed in English by Georgina & Paul Giordimaina. This was Malta's return to the Contest after having withdrawn following the Eurovision Song Contest 1975.

The song is a love duet, with the singers describing their feelings about each other and try to establish whether what they have is a serious relationship ("our rainbow's end") or whether they are perhaps just "playing 'let's pretend'". The chorus features both singers pleading with the other to "call me" and explaining that "If I'm to blame at all, I'll say I'm sorry", implying that this ambiguity was brought about by a misunderstanding.

A Maltese language version was also recorded, titled Sejjaħ u ssibni.

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Could It Be

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