Gérard Lenorman Chanteur De Charme
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"Chanteur de charme" (English translation: "Crooner") was the French entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1988, performed in French by Gérard Lenorman.

As befits the title, the song is a ballad, with Lenorman singing about the subject matter that crooners traditionally sing about. That is to say, he sings about the subject matter itself, rather than singing the type of song usually associated with the style. Indeed, he likens the songs themselves to "these stories of three times nothing, which rhyme badly, which do good" and later adds that "Nothing has ever prevented us from setting to music, those endlessly repeated clichés, romantic feelings" and remarks that his heart "stupidly proposes on the first page of a paper".

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Chanteur De Charme

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