Yardena Arazi Ben Adam
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"Ben Adam" (Hebrew: בן אדם‎, English translation: "Human Being", literally "Son of Adam") was the Israeli entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1988, performed in Hebrew by Yardena Arazi. "Ben Adam", beyond its literal meaning is used in Hebrew to describe a righteous person, someone who does the right thing. In Yiddish that would be "A Mench", when they say in Hebrew: "c'mon, be a Ben Adam" - that would mean "Do the right thing". to be: "not a Ben Adam" means that a person behaves in an anti-social manner. "Ben Adam" also means: an ordinary normal person. Male only.

The song deals with the ordinariness of humanity, as Arazi sings that "no man is perfect in all virtues" and tells her listeners "don't always judge him for the worse". With this in mind, she exhorts her listeners to "let him dream and give him breath", that is, to treat everyone with dignity. Musically, the song is perhaps best known for its final chorus. Beginning at a slow tempo, the song builds to a fast-paced conclusion.

In 2010, the Israeli artist Yoni Eilat recorded a Yiddish cover of the song, "Der Mentsch", for his album "Tzigayner Neshume".

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Ben Adam

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