Brinck Believe Again
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Draw Position 16, Final Position 13, Points (Final) 74

"Believe Again" is a song by Danish singer-songwriter Niels Brinck and it was the Danish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009. The song was written by Lars Halvor Jensen, Martin Michael Larsson, and Irish singer Ronan Keating. It was selected by the Danish public through the show Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2009 on 31 January 2009. It competed in the second semi final on 14 May 2009 and qualified for the final, where it finished 13th with 74 points.

Controversy surrounded the song with allegations of plagiarism of the lyrics from Miley Cyrus’s "Bigger Than Us" from her album Hannah Montana 2/Meet Miley Cyrus and the music from "I Will Remember You" sung by Ryan Cabrera in 2006.

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Believe Again

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