Jonatan Cerrada A Chaque Pas
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"À chaque pas" was the third single from the winner of the French version of Pop Idol - A La Recherche De La Nouvelle Star, Jonatan Cerrada, as well as the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 entry for France. It achieved a moderate success in France and Belgium.

"À chaque pas" was released in March 2004 as Jonatan's third single. This song had not already featured on his debut album Siempre 23 which was released in September 2003. The album was re-released with it as a bonus track. The song was written by Ben Robbins and Steve Balsamo.

"À chaque pas" translates to 'With Every Step' in English. The song tells the tale of the ups and downs of any relationship. Jonatan is ethnically Spanish and so is fluent in Spanish and French, singing the final verse of the song in Spanish - the first occasion on which the French Contest entry was performed partly in this language.

Despite France's 18th place at the 2003 Contest, the song was pre-qualified for the final as France are one of the "Big Four" (along with Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom), which means that their entries are exempt from qualification in the semi-final.

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A Chaque Pas

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