Piasek 2 Long
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Draw Position 18, Final Position 20, Points (Final) 11

"2 Long" was the Polish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2001, performed in English (the first time the Polish entry had not been performed monolingually in Polish) by Andrzej Piaseczny (Piasek).

The song is an up-tempo number, influenced by urban music. Piasek sings from the perspective of a man whose lover is leaving him because he has been unfaithful towards her (he describes himself as "a faker"). As she prepares to do so, however, he confesses his true feelings and explains that "Life's too short, it would be a crime" if they did not remain together. Piasek entered the stage wearing a brown fur coat, which he discarded almost immediately, to reveal a navy blue T-Shirt. He was accompanied by three female backing singers.

Prior to the 2002 Contest, the decision was taken to restrict entry to the best-performed countries of 2001, a group which did not include Poland. As a "Passive Participant" (a country broadcasting but not taking part in the Contest), Poland was re-admitted the following year. Thus, the song was succeeded as Polish representative at the 2003 Contest by Ich Troje with "Keine Grenzen-Żadnych granic".

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2 Long

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