Kabát Malá Dáma
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"Malá dáma" (English: “Little Lady”) is a song performed by Czech hard rock band Kabát, which was the 2007 Eurovision entrant for the Czech Republic. The song is significant as the first Eurovision entrant for the Czech Republic: its actual impact at the 2007 Eurovision Contest was negligible being eliminated in the semi-final after receiving one point.

"Malá dáma" had been introduced on the Kabát album Corrida which was the bestselling album in the Czech Republic for the year 2006 despite not being released until December 2006. Corrida continued to sell strongly into 2007 making Kabát an obvious choice for Česká televize (ČT) to invite to participate in Eurosong the Czech Republic's first national preliminary for the Eurovision Song Contest and the February 14, 2007 announcement of the Eurosong 2007 participants included Kabát with another song from Corrida: "Burlaci"; the following day an amended list was published which showed Kabát participating with the song "Malá dáma".

Although ČT did not broadcast the Eurosong 2007 final until March 10, 2007 the competing songs were made available for listening from the date of ČT's original announcement of the entrants for the Czech Republic's Eurosong 2007 with voting - done via SMS beginning on February 23, 2007. At the Eurosong 2007 final - held March 10, 2007 at Prague Exhibition Place - Kabát with "Malá dáma" was the final of the nine competing acts to perform: a short break was scheduled followed by the resumption of the program and the announcement of Kabát as the winner, "Malá dáma" having accrued 28343 votes.

In a May 5, 2007 announcement of Kabát's leaving Prague for Helsinki to perform in the Eurovision semi-final that May 10, the group's bass player Milan Spalek opined "the fact his band play hard rock could work against them in the Eurovision." In the Eurovision semi-final held May 10, 2007 at Hartwall Areena, Kabát performed in the 16th spot, just after the eventual winner Serbia. Kabát received one point - that coming from Estonia - with the Czech Republic resultantly becoming one of four nations to take last place with their Eurovision debut. Kabát frontman Pepa Vojtek subsequently stated that the band members were unfamiliar with the nature of Eurovision prior to their 2007 participation after which Vojtek would contend that "a rock group is not a good idea for the particular event."

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