Re-union Without You
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Draw Position 7, Final Position 20, Points (Final) 11

"Without You" was the Dutch entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004, performed in English by Re-Union.

The song is a ballad, with the singer telling his lover that he simply cannot imagine life "without you". He explains that "nothing turns out right" when they are not together, and that he "spent my life in search for you" and is not about to give her up now. The relationship appears to be somewhat unpopular with the singer's friends, however he promises to "show them all they're wrong".

Onstage, the performance was subdued, with both singers remaining seated on stools and the three backing vocalists standing in position behind them. At the conclusion of the final performance, however, vocalist Paul de Corte called out "Thank you" very loudly, a sound which some fans argue cost the group a good finish.

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Without You

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