George Nussbaumer Weil's Dr Guat Got
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Draw Position 8, Final Position 10, Points (Final) 68

"Weil's dr guat got" (Because you feel good) was the Austrian representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 1996, performed in Vorarlbergish (a dialect of Austrian German) by George Nussbaumer, who lost his eyesight before the age of 1.

This was the second occasion on which Austria was represented in a dialect of German (the first being Marianne Mendt with "Musik" in 1971).

The song itself is about the enjoyment to be had in the world when everything is going well. Unusually, it is performed in an up-tempo gospel-influenced style. Nussbaumer leads the song on a piano, with a series of backing singers providing appropriate responses.

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Weil's Dr Guat Got

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