maNga We Could Be The Same
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Draw Position 14, Final Position 2, Points (Final) 170

"We Could Be the Same" (Turkish: Aynı Olabiliriz) is a song by Turkish band maNga that was performed as the Turkish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, held in Oslo, Norway, and which came in second place.

Throughout January it was reported that maNga had entered an intense period in preparation for Eurovision, perfecting songs for submission to TRT. In February 2010 maNga submitted three songs to TRT, who was in charge of selecting the competing Eurovision song. All songs were in English. We Could Be The Same, the selected song, was announced from TRT on 3 March.

The music video for the song was filmed on the bosporus strait opposite the golden horn on board an oil tanker. Then unknown top model Zeynep Arı appears in the video.

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We Could Be The Same

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