LT United We Are The Winners
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Draw Position 14, Final Position 6, Points (Final) 162

"We Are the Winners" was the 2006 entry into the Eurovision Song Contest for Lithuania, sung by Lithuanian all-star group LT United.

The song, thematically reminiscent of Queen's "We Are the Champions", is a cheery tongue-in-cheek celebration of their supposedly inevitable victory at the Eurovision Contest in the form of a football chant, with the chorus repeating "We are the winners of Eurovision / We are, we are! [...] So, you gotta vote, vote, vote for the winners!".

We Are The Winners was one of the few Eurovision songs to get booed. As Lithuania had not qualified for the final at the 2005 contest, the song was first performed in the semi-final. Here, it was performed 18th, following the Netherlands' Treble with Amambanda and preceding Portugal's Nonstop with Coisas de nada. At the close of voting, it had received 163 points, placing 5th in the 23-strong field and qualifying Lithuania for the final.

Its best points haul was from both the United Kingdom and from Ireland. At the after show press conference, winners Lordi sang the chorus of We Are The Winners as they entered.

Perhaps fittingly for a football chant-style song, LT United also recorded a version for the 2006 Football World Cup with slightly altered lyrics ("We are the winners/Are you with us", for example). This recording appeared to be intended for any team to adopt, since Lithuania did not qualify for the finals of World Cup 2006. The refrain of the song was performed live by Robbie Williams during his show in King Baudouin Stadium (Brussels) on June 13, 2006.

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We Are The Winners

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