Dado Topić | Dragonfly Vjerujem U Ljubav
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Draw Position 13, Final Position 16, Points (Final) 54

"Vjerujem u ljubav" (English translation: "I Believe in Love") was the Croatian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007, performed in Croatian and English by Dragonfly featuring Dado Topić.

The song is a rock-influenced power ballad, written as a duet between Topić and Dragonfly lead singer Iva Gluhak.

Gluhak begins the vocal singing in Croatian and addressing her words to Topić, singing that "it's not the pain of needing you/I live and know I don't have you". Topić then responds in English that Gluhak will "never know how much I love you/You'll never know how much I need you".

The song continues in Croatian, with Topić singing that he has been hiding his pain from Gluhak for some time, and likening her to "salt in my wound". He delivers the chorus, explaining that he believes in love, which is apparently something Gluhak did not want, and that he will not let his heart wake up to reality.

Following a repeat of the English lyrics in the introduction, Gluhak then tells Topić that he lives eternally in her heart and that "for me, the world without you/Might as well not exist". At this point, the two singers return to the chorus, which features a slightly altered lyric (from "Something you didn't want" to "Just as you do") as they realise that the other one shares their feelings.

The performance featured all the musicians wearing leather clothing. Gluhak was naturally taller than Topić, but her hairstyle and high-heeled boots resulted in a considerable height discrepancy. Given the difference in age between the two singers, the effect appeared somewhat incongruous on camera, with the BBC commentary remarking on this fact at the end of the performance

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Vjerujem U Ljubav

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