Alexandra Kirsanova | Konstantin Drapezo My Galileo
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"My Galileo" was the first entry by Belarus in the Eurovision Song Contest, performed at the 2004 Contest in English by Aleksandra and Konstantin. As this was Belarus' debut entry, it was performed in the semi-final of that Contest.

The song is inspired somewhat by Belarusian country music and likens the singer's lover to Galileo. Many of the lyrics were difficult to understand in the live performance, as Aleksandra's accent was very thick. Leading up to the semi-final, Alexandra had throat problems, which could explain her, somewhat, shaky voice during the performance. On stage with Alexandra & Konstantin were 3 choir singers and one man playing (some kind of big flute instrument). Alexandra was wearing what could best be described as typical folk style clothing. The same was the man playing the flute. Konstantin was wearing normal casual clothes, and so was the 3 choir singers. Movement on stage was shallow, with Alexandra going back and forth while gesturing with her hands and the flute player rocking from side to side during the song. The song was succeeded as Belarusian representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 by Angelica Agurbash singing "Love Me Tonight".

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My Galileo

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