Vanessa Chinitor Like The Wind
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Draw Position 2, Final Position 12, Points (Final) 38

"Like the Wind" was the Belgian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1999, performed in English by Vanessa Chinitor. This was only the second time that Belgium had entered a song entirely in English, the first being Dream Express' "A Million in One, Two, Three" back in 1977.

The song features Chinitor explaining that she needs to be "like the wind", in the sense that it is eternal and doesn't care about what happens to be in its way. For her Eurovision appearance, Vanessa wore a red dress which left her shoulders bare, whilst her female backing singers (including 1981 Dutch representative Linda Williams) appeared in black. She was also accompanied by a man in a grey suit, who, Terry Wogan commented, appeared to be playing a "Mongolian nose flute" (it was actually an ocarina).

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Like The Wind

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