Sherisse Laurence L'amour De Ma Vie
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"L'amour de ma vie" (English translation: "The Love of My Life") was the Luxembourgish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1986, performed in French by Canadian singer Sherisse Laurence.

The song was composed by Alain Garcia, Rolf Soja and Frank Dostal. This was Soja and Dostal's second entry in the Contest, in 1978 they had written/composed/produced Spanish disco duo Baccara's "Parlez-vous français?" which only finished 7th in the Contest but still became a considerable commercial success in Continental Europe and Scandinavia.

"L'amour de ma vie" is notably different to their previous entry, it is a ballad with an arrangement influenced by contemporary synth pop, in which Laurence describes her desire to find the love of her life and what sort of a personality he would have. The verses are memorable for the repetition of the French phrase "sans raison" ("for no reason") at the end of each line. Laurence also recorded the song in an English language version, as "The Love of My Life".

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L'amour De Ma Vie

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