Mary Hopkin Knock, Knock, Who's There?
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Draw Position 7, Final Position 2, Points (Final) 26

"Knock, Knock Who's There?", written and composed by John Carter and Geoff Stephens, produced by Mickie Most, was the United Kingdom's entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 1970, performed by the Welsh singer Mary Hopkin.

On 7 March 1970, Mary Hopkin sang six songs at the UK National Final, A Song for Europe, which was aired on the television series It's Cliff Richard!. Hopkin was chosen by the BBC to be the United Kingdom's representative for that year, and the winner of a postal vote would determine which of the six songs would progress with her to the finals in Amsterdam. "Knock, Knock Who's There?", the sixth and final song performed that evening, won the postal vote with over 120,000 supporters.

At the end of judging that evening, "Knock, Knock Who's There?" took the second-place slot with 26 points. The UK received points from nine out of a possible eleven voting juries.

The singer expresses a long-held optimism at the prospect of love finally finding her. At the exact point that said optimism has faded, and she has resigned herself to not finding love and companionship, she hears a "knock, knock," which signifies love finally becoming attainable for her. Excited, she beckons love to "come inside" and into her life.

On 28 March 1970, Hopkin's "Knock, Knock Who's There" peaked at #2 on the UK Singles Chart; it would be a chart fixture for 14 weeks. It wasn't released in the United States as a single until November 1972, where it floundered for four weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, only reaching a peak of #92. In the Netherlands it peaked at #3 on the Dutch Top 40 as well as on the Single Top 100.

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Knock, Knock, Who's There?

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