Micha Marah Hey Nana
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"Hey Nana" was the Belgian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1979, performed in Dutch by Micha Marah.

"Hey Nana" was the source of some controversy between the artist and the Belgian TV channel BRT (now (VRT). Marah herself preferred another song from the Belgian pre-selections, "Comment ça va", and consequently - and very unusually for an artist representing his or her country in the Contest - never made a studio recording of her Eurovision entry, not even for promotional purposes. The only commercially released version of "Hey Nana" was instead made by the composer, Charles Dumolin.

The song is an up-tempo number sung from the perspective of a woman suggesting marriage to her lover. She paints a picture of domestic bliss, however she also suggests that he will "become my henpecked husband".

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Hey Nana

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