Cathal Dunne Happy Man
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Draw Position 4, Final Position 5, Points (Final) 80

"Happy Man" was the Irish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1979, performed in English by Cathal Dunne.

The song is a moderately up-tempo number, in which Dunne contrasts his early despondency with the joy he feels now that he is with his lover. He sings, for example, that he now has "the sun inside" and that he is the tititular "happy man". It was written by Dunne himself, as was the single's B-side "Sweet Woman of Mine", a song Dunne said that he preferred. The single was released on green vinyl in Ireland on the CBS label, with the recorded version produced by Nicky Graham, who would go on to find greater success as producer to The Nolans and Bros among others.

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Happy Man

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