Umberto Tozzi & Raf Gente Di Mare
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Draw Position 7, Final Position 3, Points (Final) 103

"Gente di mare" ("People of the sea") was the Italian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1987, performed in Italian by Umberto Tozzi & Raf.

The song is a blues-influenced ballad, in which the singers describe the qualities of the "people of the sea". They describe themselves as "people of the plain", who are "prisoners of this city", while contrasting that with the freedom of the people of the sea "who leave it behind".

While not winning the Contest the song achieved considerable popularity, becoming a Top 10 hit in most parts of Continental Europe and Scandinavia in the summer of 1987 (#7 Switzerland, #8 Austria, #6 Sweden) [1] and was included on the compilations of Winners and Classics produced to coincide with the Congratulations special in late 2005.

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Gente Di Mare

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