Aud Wilken Fra Mols Til Skagen
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"Fra Mols til Skagen" ("From Mols to Skagen") was the Danish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1995, performed in Danish by Aud Wilken.

The song is a love ballad, with Wilken singing about her desire to be with her lover - she asks him to tell her when the trains are leaving, so that she can be with him, for example. The title of the song comes from her description of the breadth of her feelings about him - "From Mols to Skagen I'm missing you". Mols is located in eastern Jutland, with Skagen being the northernmost town in the country, so the pair of locations does not span very much of Denmark.

Musically, the song is comparatively slow as against the increasingly up-tempo contest entries. The song was chosen as a winner of the Danish song contest by a jury of music professionals contrary to the usual way of letting the television audience vote by phone. Initially the song didn't enjoy much popularity in the general public, but that seemed to change after its relatively high placing in the international contest.

Despite the successful placement of the song, Denmark did not participate in the 1996 contest, as the qualification rules had been changed to require all competing countries barring the host nation to qualify - something the Danes were unable to accomplish. The performance was, however, enough to qualify Denmark as one of the entrants in the next Contest. Hence, it was succeeded as Danish representative at the 1997 contest by Kølig Kaj with "Stemmen i mit liv".

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Fra Mols Til Skagen

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