Lucia Él
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Draw Position 12, Final Position 10, Points (Final) 52

"Él" (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈel], "He") was the Spanish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1982, performed in Spanish by Lucía.

In the song, Lucia is a young student who has to decide between two men. While the one (él – "he") seems to be caring and understanding, but also "intends to be my owner", the other (tú – "you") rather seems to look for a one-night stand: "You phone me and forget me". Still, the girl is more interested in the latter of the two and invites him to come to her place that evening. Then she has to study and make up her mind.

The music was a tango which partially caused a sensation because the Song Contest took place in Britain, and many connected tango to Argentina, with whom Britain was at war at that time (see Falklands War).

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