MFÖ Didai Didai Dai
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Draw Position 7, Final Position 14, Points (Final) 36

"Didai didai dai" was the Turkish entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 1985, written, composed and performed by the trio MFÖ. The song title is nonsensical and has no direct translation into any other languages, although it is sometimes Anglicized as "diday diday day." The song title is sometimes written with the phrase "Aşık oldum", which means "I fell in love."

The song has a heavy tropical island arrangement, and the singers talk about how "love caught them" as much as they tried to avoid it, even to the detriment of barring them from seeing their other friends. They implore their lover to let everyone know about their mutual feelings, arguing that patience is not enough.

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Didai Didai Dai

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