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Songs starting with S

Semi Finalists (379)

1st Semi (161), 2nd Semi (160)

Serbian (13)

Slovene (18)

Spanish (108)

Switzerland (61)

POINTS! The United Kingdom loves Switzerland BUT Switzerland loves Ireland.

San Marino (9)

POINTS! No one loves San Marino BUT San Marino loves Greece. (They have appeared in the final)
San Marino

Serbia (11)

POINTS! Bosnia & Herzegovina loves Serbia AND Serbia loves Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Slovakia (8)

POINTS! Malta loves Slovakia AND Slovakia loves Malta.

Slovenia (23)

POINTS! Croatia loves Slovenia AND Slovenia loves Croatia.

Sweden (58)

POINTS! Norway loves Sweden BUT Sweden loves Ireland.

Swedish (52)

Serbia & Montenegro (4)

POINTS! Switzerland loves Serbia & Montenegro BUT Serbia & Montenegro loves Macedonia.
Serbia & Montenegro

Slovak (6)

Spain (59)

POINTS! Portugal loves Spain BUT Spain loves Germany.

Swahili (1)

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